The Utah Chapter of...
The SMART Real Estate Investors Association
(Formerly The Wasatch Area REIA)

WAREIA Member Benefits


Becoming a Member of WAREIA also makes you a Member of the Community Buying Group.  All you have to do is register by going to www.cbgperks.com/smartrei522.

You can save more than $1,600 a year at Lowe’s

Because The SmartREIA is a member of Community Buying Group, it entitles our Members to free benefits,

such as their Lowe’s program.

You save 5%+2% every day at Lowe’s when you connect a new or existing Lowe’s Accounts Receivable (LAR) account to CBG. The average user of this program saves more than $1,600 a year!

Register with Community Buying Group for free to get started:

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