I Want To Hold Your Hand!

Having completed hundreds of transactions over the last 25 years, here are my top 3 preferred methods and techniques?

1. SUBJECT-TO: No Down or Credit Seller Financing & Lease-to-Own

2. CASH FLOW VACANT PROPERTIES: This is HUGE, Fun and Saves Homes from being foreclosed.

3. WHOLESALE: Getting Properties "Under Contract" and Selling or Assigning my contract.

Regardless of what method or technique I use, I NEVER pay more than $10 to Control a Property... EVER!

If you are looking for a Personal Mentor and/or Partner, someone who will hold your hand through a few transactions, someone who is a full time investor and will teach you everything you will need to be successful in this business, just drop me an email and let's talk.


Put "Mentor" in the subject line and then tell me a little about yourself.