Saturday July 11th

"Taking Properties Subject-To
with a Title Holding Trust"

- A Full Day Live Workshop -
Scott Moyes
Learn how to...
- Control Income Producing Properties for ONLY $10
- Avoid the Banks Due-On-Sale Provisions
- Legally Assume Any Properties Mortgage Payments
- Acquire Properties with NO Money or Credit
- Get Sellers to Pay You to Take Their Homes
- Get Referrals from Investors, Agents and Brokers
- Make HUGE Upfront Profits and Cash Flow
- Eliminate ALL the Risk, Liability and Property Management
- Follow a Simple Process of Documentation
- Talk with Sellers and Buyers
- And Much More!
This Full Day Training and Class is only $197 with no additional up-sale or cost.  The Class includes everything you need to Safely and Legally Take Properties Subject-To with as little as only $10.
You will learn to Partner with Me personally.  I will teach you how to find them, I'll Close'em and We'll Split'em... FAIR ENOUGH?
To Register for the Class please email me directly at:
*The Class is limited to only 12 people and as of July 8th, I have 4 seats left.  Registration dealine is Thursday July 9th at 5:00pm.